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  • Cucumberries sleeping bags are designed to give maximum comfort and breathability for the baby and be easy to use for the parents. We achieved that by using 11 (or 13 for larger size), nickel-free snap fasteners instead of a classic zip: two snap fasteners on the left shoulder, four on each side and one at the bottom.


    All our sleeping bags are hand made using 100% cotton muslin fabric and 100% cotton jersey binding.


    Using products made from muslin fabric reduces the risk of SIDS (NHS: Sudden infant death syndrome).

    Muslin Sleeping Bag - Monochrome Zoo

    SKU: 10004070040089
    PriceFrom £38.00

    Buy any 6 get 26% OFF

      • handmade in the UK

      • 100% cotton muslin fabric

      • 100% cotton jersey binding - super soft and available in 5 colours

      • 11 or 13 nickel-free snap fasteners

      • three layers of muslin fabric

      • lifetime repair warranty

      • breathable and lightweight

      • very durable and non-shrinking

      • super soft and gets softer with each washing

      • safe for newborn skin

      • non-fading

      • highly absorbent and quick drying

      • soft woven Cucumberries label

      • extra long wash care label - something that babies love to play with

      • all stitches made using premium Gutermann thread