It all started in 2017…

Our second baby was born and we were trying to buy a large muslin swaddle for our newborn baby. Our first child was already in love with muslins but all we’ve got was small 60 x 70 cm muslins.

We were very surprised by the lack of choice and the prices what was available on the market. It looked like it’s a premium product and if you’re after a quality product you’re forced to spend a lot of money at the moment in your life that your budget is very tight. So we started our research…

While doing our research we realised it might be a good business idea and that is when Cucumberries was born - a muslin brand that is all about the best possible quality for a price that anyone can afford.

It took us 9 months of ordering samples and testing different muslins from different suppliers. Our second baby has a very sensitive skin so we needed to be sure that the product will be very good quality and safe for our newborn’s skin.

After a while when our house was flooded with different variety of muslins - which by the way made both our children feel like in heaven ;) - we were ready to kick start our brand. We invest most of our savings and in March 2018 we sold our first muslin on eBay.

The start was very slow and bumpy, but on July 2018 was when everything went crazy.


We promised our older daughter that because we’re not going anywhere for holidays we will drive every day for a week to the beach in Brancaster. What we didn’t predict was that at the same time we’ll be flooded with orders and end up spending days on the beach, nights packing orders and morning driving to Brancaster and to the nearest Post Office in between. That was a crazy time but we loved it.

By the end of July, we were left with almost no muslins - we were in shock! We didn’t expect that our muslins will be so popular.

A year later (2019), we have launched our online store, we have over 60 patterns in our offer and we added a variety of sizes of our muslins which are hand made in our living room every evening so they can be dispatched the next day.